Arthritis can be an isolating condition that leaves many sufferers feeling that no one understands what they are experiencing. Making contact with fellow sufferers who are dealing with the same symptoms as you may help you to overcome these feelings. The organisations listed here offer the opportunity to do just that; further information and contact details can be found in the Directory at the end of the book.

Arthritis Care is a UK charity that aims to empower knee arthritis sufferers by providing high-quality information and support. The charity offers a free, confidential helpline and an online discussion forum where arthritis sufferers can both find and offer support. You can also sign up to free e-updates, which contain the latest news about arthritis and links to further information and features. There is also a network of over 300 Arthritis Care groups across the UK. These groups offer regular events, meetings and support for people with arthritis. You can find your nearest group on the regional pages of the website.

Arthritis Forum is a group and website offering help, support and friendship to fellow sufferers. The forum states that it aims