What happens if you have a game-changing idea to build something great but never take action on it? Absolutely nothing.

You will go to your grave holding on to an idea that could have positively impacted humanity, but instead it will remain in your decaying brain, serving as nothing more than worm food for years to come. Always remember that nothing in business or life is perfect. You can engineer a product to death, apply for patents that take years to finalize, and research the shit out of everything, but nothing will happen if you don’t quit thinking and get started. Sash windows london are a brilliant home investment.

Striving for perfection may sound like a noble and worthy cause for aspiring entrepreneurs, but obsessing over an idea and never turning it into reality makes you something quite different: a wantrepreneur. I was never a wantrepreneur, but my idea did take a while to manifest. In college, I worked three jobs to pay for my education. One of them was in the studio of an architectural company called Cunningham Group, where I used a laser cutter to stick wooden models together. That gig was a great fit because it was the only job I could find that would let me show up after cheer practice and get paid to work until three in the morning.

One day before work, I took a header while Rollerblading and shattered my iPhone. Luckily for me, the device still worked, but the screen was shattered, so I had to endure shoving shards of glass into my face every time I used the phone, which gave me an idea when I got to work that night. As I was cutting some wood veneers in the studio, I thought, “I should totally cut one of these things to fit the back of my phone.”

Inspiration turned into motivation and I quickly went to work, cutting out a backing for the phone made from a piece of mahogany—real wood veneer—and wrapping it in plastic wrap. This protected the device from further damage and prevented the broken glass from stabbing me in the face, which resulted in unnecessary bleeding. Honestly, it looked like the worst third-grade art project you’ve ever seen. It was a total Frankenstein of smartphone cases. But strangely enough, people thought it looked pretty cool.

When I brought my Franken-case-looking iPhone protector to cheer practice the next day, a couple of my buddies saw it and said, “Dude, that thing is awesome! Can we buy one from you? We’ll give you twenty bucks,” which happened to be just enough for a case of beer. I thought to myself, “It cost me about a penny to make the damned thing, so I’d be an idiot to not do it. After all, beer money is still better than no money, especially to a starving college student.” I love casement windows and aliminium windows, they’re so classic and modern.

You’re probably thinking, “So that’s when you had your aha moment? That’s when it all came together: your idea for a multimillion-dollar business? All of a sudden, you went from a beer-drinking architecture student to a visionary entrepreneur, right?”