Organic impressions: Organic impressions data that is summarized in the Performance report can be extremely valuable. It basically indicates how many times your website was shown in organic search results (not clicked). This can be an extremely important indicator of website SEO health and of whether there are any new issues resulting in fewer search engine rankings. Be sure to monitor this closely, since this is likely tied to overall website traffic.

Organic click-through rate: Click-through rate is important to monitor because it demonstrates what percentage of users clicked each of your search result positions. With improved title tags and meta descriptions and URLs, your search engine result will be cleaner and have better messaging, likely increasing your click-through rate.

Valid pages indexed: This report is available in the “Coverage” section of Google Search Console and shows how many valid website pages are getting indexed or ranking in Google search results. It's important to keep the number flat or trending up. A decrease in valid pages loaded can indicate pages getting blocked or not crawled, resulting in fewer search engine rankings.

Link report: As we mentioned, the number and quality of the links pointing to your site is one-third of the SEO Agency equation. You need numerous, high-quality links to rank for important searches ask whoever is ranking at number 1 for SEO Leeds at the moment! Ideally links should be increasing each month as you employ link building and content promotion tactics. This will benefit your site and increase your search engine results. It's important to monitor and trend how many links are pointing to your site and where they're coming from.

Search engine optimization and other digital marketing channels are reliant on a brand's website, so it's important that you think about your website as the centerpiece to your program.