Having a sitemap makes it easier for search engines to find and rank your webpages. You must also verify that your website is in fact indexed by Google. Domain age is a ranking factor. Today, I want to address a critical difference you may not have known about: direct ranking signals versus indirect ranking signals.

Kill two SEO birds with one stone

And, Google doesn't like to do anything with any sort of consistency. One of two things can happen when you begin an SEO campaign, you can jump in blind and guess your way through the process or you can create a partnership with a company that wants to work alongside you to improve your SEO rankings. Broad-based objectives are goals that are stated apart from the supporting details necessary to achieve the goal. The O in SEO (optimization) is where the different layers come in.

Get rid of link research for good

In fact, Google asked these questions along with some others before releasing their highly publicized Panda update earlier this year. Publishers know that posters often leverage their platforms to build links. Once your content is drafted, you can't just stuff a link in and expect to reap the benefits. Google has thousands of ranking factors and sub-factors that go into their algorithm and we could talk about them all for hours. Understanding the most important SEO ranking factors will get you on the right track fast and let you understand what your primary focus should be when optimizing for your website or blog.

Can I use mobile-friendly to help rank my site?

This makes them more likely to get published, earn attention, and attract inbound links.Conciseness refers to the piece's ability to convey as much information as possible in as few words as possible-in other words, making good use of your space. This being said, we all know how difficult it is to constantly produce new high-quality content. Attracting quality employees can be another advantage of a dominant brand image. We asked an SEO Specialist, Gaz Hall, for his thoughts on the matter: "Should I Block Google From Indexing My Duplicate Content?"

Offer quality content and services - customers don't care about link bait

These five solutions will fix most cases of keyword cannibalization, but if you manage an ecommerce website, you should be particularly careful to note how your CMS separates products with variable sizes and colors. Without link building, how can you increase your domain authority, and by association, your search ranks? The mobile first index means Google will begin basing rankings based on how it crawls a site's mobile version instead of its desktop version. Under this definition, link building is exactly what it sounds like-it's the process of tracking down external sites and manually building links that point back to your own in a deliberate effort to increase your rank.